Ultrasound Pics from our visit

Wife and I had debated on whether or not to post our ultrasound pics....kind of strange just putting all out in the public eye to see given this is not my tummy, but my responsibility. Anyway, we decided to share.

Heartburn = Full Head of Hair

According to a study it seems the Old Wives Tale is true...Heartburn during pregnancy brings a full head of hair at delivery. My wife has enhaled rolaids lately, maybe we need to go to Sam's this weekend and stock up. I have been known to have the hairiest legs this side of the Mississippi, I hope my baby girl doesn't follow in my footsteps.

Photography by Andrew Huff

12 oz.

What a week. The visit to the doctor proved to be an eye opener as wife and I got a swig of reality. To date, the baby is healthy, which is a true blessing.
Photography by Tom Coates

Mommy stomach is Tight

My wife has been complaining about an uncomfortable tight tummy, it feels like a basketball..kind of cool. It seems from review that the baby is growing, which is pushing on her inner organs, etc...causing the tightness in the tummy. She tells me I don't understand because I can not feel it. But funny thing is I do understand how uncomfortable that may be. Wife your my heart and I am proud of you.

Photography by Ricko

Pretty in Pink

Well, the answer is....probably a girl! We are so excited! In 3 weeks we go back to the doctor for a large ultra-scan session. Can't wait to see how that sweet little girl has grown, of course there is the small chance that our doctor was wrong, if so we will let you know.

A sweet little girl, my girl. Don't worry wife, you always come first...you are the best!